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Quiet Apt-Great Kitchen-Hardwood-Low Utility

1849 C just off Prices Fork Rd by Hethwood
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Bedrooms: 2 | Baths: 1.0 | Type: Apartment

Availability: Available: 08/01/19

Deposit: $985.00

Property Manager: Forests-Edge, LLC Owner managed

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$ 985 /Mo

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Address: 1849 C Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road.
Available Aug 2018 or, possibly, sooner.
Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details!

Great Neighborhood!
Real oak floors.
Very private location.
Feel like you are surrounded by forest (you are) with a great view over the top of an upscale subdivision.
A healthy hike but easily doable to a BT bus stop, or a short bike ride door to door anywhere in Blacksburg.
Lots of parking --- no parking permits needed! and an EZ drive to VT/Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford, even when there are football games.

EZ to VT, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, & Radford.
Stroubles Mill/Hethwood (which contains Foxridge) is across the street. Conveniently located next to population center and human amenities: 5 minutes from the supermarket (by bike or car), by bike 15-20 minutes door-to-door via bike trail to VT (use tunnel under 460 Bypass so avoid traffic hazards), 15 minutes (by car) from NRV Mall, a few blocks from BT bus stop; yet, tranquil Woods, stars, and wildlife are at your back door. Quiet, peaceful, lots of off-street parking, recent very thorough renovation with much concentration on safety, durability, and making places where residents would be happy and want to stay.

All our units are very clean and bright--- plus pet allergen and smoke allergen free – since major renovations.

There is very effective sound-proofing throughout the building and between the rooms within each unit.

Many features that save much on utility costs

We have lots of pictures and the floor plans posted on our website, but you need to contact us to get the website address as I am not permitted to put it here.

- Versatile floor plan.
- Real Oak floors! These hardwood floors are everywhere but the kitchen and bathroom where there is nice vinyl.
- Large eat-in kitchen with lots of counter-space and many cabinets plus storage on top of them. Late model large side-by-side refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, excellent exhaust fan makes it easy to keep clean!, double bowl stainless steel sink, easy for entertaining as well as cooking, three windows plus door with screen/storm door for light and cross ventilation, views from windows are of a forest full of wildlife, ceiling fan, TV/Ethernet/telephone jacks, etc.
- Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or your meal on the covered porch and relax.
- 2 Bedrooms (or 1 BR and 1 Living Room) - one room easily large enough to be partitioned off and past residents have done so with a moveable screen. 2 sets of TV/Ethernet/telephone jacks in each room so minimal need for exposed cabling to trip over.
- Two walk-in closets with flexible shelves and rods. Could be used for a small desk, play area, or nursery, they are so big! People have stored, along with their clothing, complete drum sets and twin mattresses in them.
- Mini-blinds on all windows throughout the unit. Rarely needed except to shut out the sun as very difficult to see into this unit. Nice views!
- 3 large ceiling fans – 5-blades, reversible, 4-bulbs, 52" wide
- Hard-wired smoke detectors, firewalls, overlapping motion-sensor operated security lighting, outside disconnects, etc. and other major safety improvements were added during renovations.
- Many building permits and inspections were done as we changed the plumbing, wiring and walls.
- County water included - not a private well.
- Optional use of clean, efficient laundry room. Keeps the heat, lint, moisture out of your unit and does not take up much square footage in your unit.
- No smoking allowed even on the porches so that residents can enjoy the fresh air that comes in as they open their windows or sit on the porches.
- Morning sun; summer shade; winter sunlight. Cheerful unit.

- Below is more detailed information that has been added to answer questions people have asked:

- Hardwired Ethernet/TV/Telephone to all rooms. Comcast broadband cable runs to a router; so you are not charged for each connection separately!

Our 2.5 acre property has lots of parking for you, your neighbors and everyone's visitors! There is a house (maximum of 4 people) plus the 4-unit apartment building (maximum of 8 people - 2 people per apartment). Thus a maximum of 12 people can reside here, rarely are there over around 8 or 9. The apartment building has two units per floor on the upper two floors with a coin-less, very clean laundry room and landlord's storage on the bottom floor/walk-out basement.

Store bicycles, canoes, and other outdoor equipment outside your unit under the deck. Much of the storage area is covered.

1849 C has views from all rooms. Looking East and to the back are trees. One small house is next door (East). The streetside has lawns and a view over Stroubles Mill neighborhood's large homes on Tall Oaks Drive and the rest of the back of Hethwood (Foxridge is a brief walk away past the large homes). 1849 is located on a hillside; so it is tough for anyone to look in!

All the walls in the building were opened during the recent renovation; so all plumbing and electrical is in very good to excellent (brand-new) condition. Renovations have been done with permits and government inspectors. We worked hard to make all our units as if we or our own children would be living in them.

The sound-proofing is amazing, between units and within the unit as well. It is very rare to hear a neighbor. Rarely will you hear a car door slam. More likely you will be awakened by the wildlife in the acres of woods. Close the door to your bedroom and you will not hear most sounds --- even in the rest of your apartment ---as there is soundproofing insulation in virtually all the walls and ceilings. Particularly the room most people use as a bedroom is so quiet it is like being in a sound studio.

Low Electric Bills - Due to the insulated interior walls, by closing doors you can heat just one room or keep rooms at different temperatures so everyone is comfortable. Each room has its own thermostatically controlled 220v heater with fan; so each room can heat up quickly and stay that way very efficiently as its own little zone, if you close the door. There are reversible ceiling fans in every room and zone heating; so the electric bills can be kept incredibly low with little effort. AC has not been used in this unit for years, as even those residents who install a window AC choose to keep them off to save money because the fans are so effective. We even provide a dual window fan. In fact, the last resident had a window AC which he kept on the floor because just opening the window was enough to keep him comfortable, since all summer the large oak trees provide lots of shade and the cool air comes in from the forest.

Natural energy savings: In Winter, the leaves are gone and the sun's angle is so low that all winter it is bright in this unit keeping it very cheery inside.
In Summer, the leaves shade the unit and the sun goes over the top of the building so C stays very cool with no need for AC! I have been told in summer people in some of our units wear sweaters inside because the contrast to outside is so great!

There are many more pluses to the rental units offered at Forests Edge. You likely will find it worth taking a look. Each floorplan is different; so please check out our website as well.

Please call or use "reply to this ad" button for an appointment by clicking into the listing for contact information, pictures and details.. We only own 9 rental units and manage them ourselves. You will not be a "number" to us. We try hard to make our residences nice enough that our residents renew, and most do. Our residents frequently renew because they like how well we maintain our units and how quickly we respond when they contact us. Most stay with us for all the years they are renting in Blacksburg!

County water (not private well water - unusual in this sort of setting)
Septic system limits number of people in the building to 8 (2 per apartment).

Only a maximum of 12 people may reside on the 2.5 acres (4 in the house plus 2 in each of the units in the four-unit apt building) of woods and lawn. There is much more off-street parking than would be used if we had 12 residents and each one had a car. Usually the units are fully-leased, and, still, we only have around 9 or 10 residents with only around 7 cars total. So your friends would be able to find a space to park, if you lived at Forests Edge. No hangtags, parking stickers, or visitors' passes needed!

The laundry room has a nice front-loading washer and dryer. No need for coins, and you can safely leave your detergent on the shelf. Leave the dryer lint, heat and machine noise outside your quiet apartment. There is a reasonable monthly charge (less than the cost to run the machines), if you would like to use the on-site laundry.

This is a non-smoking building. Also, there is no smoking on the balconies or near the building where the smoke can enter through open windows. Since we own the building, we are able to offer smoke free air when you relax on the large balconies watching the deer and birds or enjoying the night sky. Our residents enjoy smelling flowers and the forests all day and night long.

The building is located at the edge of Blacksburg (next to Hethwood) and behind it is nothing but hills and farms. It gets spectacularly dark when the motion-sensor security lights are not tripped on. The stars and the moon seem to be much closer here than in the rest of Blacksburg because they appear so bright! There is redundant motion-sensor activated security lighting; so if one or two bulbs burn out, there still is light, but less of it.

The bike path to VT and the rest of Blacksburg is right across the street. Radford and Christiansburg (as well as Blacksburg) are very easy to access from this location. The hospital is just down the road.

Please do check FORESTs-EDGE website for a map. The small apartment building is easy to find by taking Prices Fork Road and turning onto Merrimac Road. Enjoy the expansive view over the beautiful Wall Farm, rather than dealing with traffic, stop signs and lights as your friends do when they go home. From Prices Fork Road, it is only one and a third miles to the three story white building. You can pull right into the large, usually mostly empty parking area. No assigned spaces or parking tags needed - for you or your visitors! It is actually quicker to get here than to most places that seem "closer" to campus. (Try it!) Plus it is soooooo nice and peacefully quiet. It's pretty quick by bicycle (bike path) to most of VT (15-20 minutes door-to-door) and Blacksburg.

Blacksburg Transit bus stop is a few blocks up Tall Oaks Drive.

One of our goals is always to not have to keep any of any renter's deposit for damage or cleaning; so we are providing durable units designed to handle human occupancy and be able to clean easily. 95+% of our residents have nothing taken out for damage because our units are finished with durable materials and our residents tend to take care of the units.

Our units are designed to be durable when lived in by humans who take reasonable care of the unit. We repair between tenants so that the units look as if they were renovated last year. The paint, woodwork, fixtures, and cabinets are pretty durable. The hardwood flooring is pretty tough requiring only routine vacuuming, mopping, and/or sweeping to remove grit to minimize scratching, gouging, and other deterioration.


Please come by! See you soon, I hope.

- Pet Policy Discussed below at great length:

Thank you for your understanding as to why we can not make exceptions to allow your beloved pet, if it does not fit our guidelines.

Many people move to our units for the peace, quiet, and beauty. During renovations we removed much pet damage, including replacing floor boards, doors, cabinets and window screens; so please do not ask if you can bring in dogs, cats, ferrets, chinchillas, etc. People with allergies to pet dander seek out our properties since they are rare in Blacksburg. Offering pet and smoke allergen free units is a large part of our reputation. Also, our units are very quiet; are maintained as if they were recently renovated; and are very clean. It is impossible to charge a sufficient deposit to cover the costs of pet damage to units maintained as well as ours are.

We love animals (one of us is a veterinarian and we both have been actively involved in wildlife rescue), but in our rental units they must be in cages or aquaria and not be heard outside the unit, even with the windows open. This way they do not disturb other residents or damage the apartment. It also makes it possible for our renovated units to be promoted as pet allergen-free. We keep a list of any caged critters who have lived in our units; so people allergic to furry critters or birds will know what has been allowed in the specific unit and how long ago.
No outdoor pets as we actively encourage wildlife. Many of our residents like to have bird feeders and to play on the lawns and plant plants in the gardens which is not compatible with walking dogs or free-ranging introduced predators such as cats.

All pets must be well-cared for. All pets must be reported to management. There is a reasonable pet fee for some species, and it is important for the pet's safety that management know of their existence to avoid injury due to chemicals, etc. used during repairs or other maintenance. When we know of a critter, we can protect it from toxic fumes. Knowing it is there makes it more likely to be rescued if there is an emergency, say a long term power outage in the winter, or a fire, or you end up sick or injured and can not get back to feed it.

Again, thank you for your understanding as to why we can not make exceptions to allow your beloved pet -- if it does not fit our guidelines.

  • Breakfast Nook
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric Stove
  • Hardwoods
  • High Speed Internet
  • Pantry
  • Refrigerator
  • Security System/Alarm
  • Walk-in Closets
  • Deck/Patio/Porch/Balcony
  • Storage Available
  • Laundry Facility
  • Bicycle Paths
  • Bike Rack
  • Off-Street Parking
  • Public Transportation
Green Living
  • Composting
  • Garden
  • Walking Path/Trail
Utilities Included
  • Lawncare Included
  • Sewer Included
  • Water Included

Property Manager

Phone Number:


cell phone available on voice mail




Forests-Edge, LLC Owner managed

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