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Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet - Great Eat In... 1849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
2BR 2.5BA
Condominium in Blacksburg --... 900 #3 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
2BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Blacksburg --... 902 #2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3BR 2.0BA
Manufactured in Blacksburg -- Office space 1800 sf 1080 South main, Blacksburg, VA
1 4.0 $2,700 Aspen Realty Available
House in Blacksburg -- House across from VT campus McBryde Village, Blacksburg, VA
4 2.0 $2,400 Aspen Realty Available
House in Christiansburg -- Spacious Three Bedroom 1475 Sherwood, Christiansburg, VA
1 1.0 $1,400 RPM VA LLC dba Reed Available
House in Blacksburg -- 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 2293 Scenic Ridge Circle, Blacksburg, VA
4 3.0 $2,500 DPS Blacksburg Available
House in Blacksburg -- 505 Warren Street 505 Warren Street, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 Contact For Price Steel Rose Available
House in Blacksburg -- 108 Roanoke Street 108 W. Roanoke St., Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 Contact For Price Steel Rose Available
House in Blacksburg -- 110 Draper Road, NW 110 Draper Road, NW, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 Contact For Price Steel Rose Available
2 2.5 $1,400 Sally Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Lyric DT Blacksburg 115 College Ave, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $1,000 Contact Available
Townhouse in Blacksburg -- 1 Room available in Rut 828 Patrick Henry Dr., Blacksburg, VA
4 3.0 $400 Kelly Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- Quiet HUGE 3BR2BA Con 902 2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,340 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet 1 BR Brightwood M 902 1 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
1 1.0 $910 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet&CleanHUGE-3br2ba 902 #2 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
3 2.0 $1,340 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet-2BR-Bright&Clean+ 1849 D Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $895 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet Well-Maintained 3 1849 E Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
3 1.0 $1,100 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Apartment in Blacksburg -- Quiet - Great Eat In Ki 1849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $1,100 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
Condominium in Blacksburg -- QuietBrightwoodManor2 900 #3 Brightwood Manor Drive, Blacksburg, VA
2 1.0 $1,100 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
3 2.5 $1,200 Patricia Available
2 1.0 $800 Aspen Realty Available
House in Blacksburg -- Quiet Home 3-4 BR real oak Merrimac Road next to Hethwood, Blacksburg, VA
4 2.0 $1,295 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
House in Blacksburg -- Quiet Home 4BR/2BA Nice! Cl 1855 Merrimac Road, Blacksburg, VA
4 2.0 $1,340 Forests-Edge, LLC Available
1973648377970Quiet - Great Eat In Kitchen-Woods, bike pathAddress: 1849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork Road. Great Neighborhood! The Stroubles Mill portion of the huge Hethwood subdivision is across the street.Trees, fields, stars, and wildlife are at your back door with no human residences for about a mile behind the building, which makes for great wildlife watching from your porch! It is such a peaceful, quiet setting.Availability: August, 2018. Please let us know your needs, as occasionally due to life changes --- new job, marriage, early graduation, people decide to request to move out early. Please ask if any of our units have similar unexpected openings. Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details.This apartment is in a wonderful location. We have lots of pictures and the floor plans posted on our website.Real Oak floors! Large eat-in kitchen with lots of counterspace. Stove, dishwasher, exhaust fan, microwave and refrigerator (It is large!). Two walk-in closets (one is very large, the other is huge) with flexible shelves and rods. Plus there is a coat closet/pantry in the kitchen. Could be used for a desk, play area, or nursery, they are so big! All hardwood floors or nice vinyl. Living Room, kitchen, large master bedroom + second bedroom.Hardwired Ethernet/TV/Telephone to all rooms, including kitchen.Comcast broadband cable runs to a router; so not charged for each connection separately!Our 2.5 acre property has lots of parking for you, your neighbors and everyone's visitors! There is a small house. The four unit apartment building has two units per floor on the upper two floors with a laundry room and landlord’s storage on the bottom floor. 1849 B has views from all rooms looking West with trees to the back, one small house next door, and lawns and view over Stroubles Mill neighborhood to the front.All the walls in the building were opened during renovation so all plumbing and electrical is in very good to excellent (brand-new) condition. All renovations have been done with permits and government inspectors. We worked hard to make all our units as if our own children will be living in them.The sound proofing is amazing, between units and within the unit as well. Close your bedroom door and you do not even hear the TV in your own apartment! It is very rare to hear a neighbor or even your roommate. The views are of trees, lawns and mountains. Rarely will you hear a car door slam. More likely you will be awakened by the wildlife in the acres of woods.Inside the unit there are ceiling fans in every room (plus two in the kitchen - it is that big!) and zone heating; so the electric bills can be kept incredibly low with little effort. There are many pluses to this building and you likely will find it worth taking a look. Please call or e-mail for an appointment. We only own 9 rental units and manage them ourselves. You will not be a "number" to us. Our residents frequently renew because they like how well we maintain our units and how quickly we respond when they contact us.We try hard to make our residences nice enough that our residents renew, and most do. Some stay with us for all the years they are renting in Blacksburg!We love animals, but in our rental units they must be in cages or aquaria and be quiet so they do not disturb others or damage the apartment. No outdoor pets as we encourage wildlife and our residents enjoy watching the deer, rabbits, songbirds, etc. from their windows and covered porches.No Smoking & no uncaged pets: As with all our units, this unit is maintained pet and smoke allergen free since renovation. This also helps us to keep our units looking as if they were recently renovated. There should be no residual pet odors to surprise you when you close the windows in the winter and turn on the heat. We do allow most quiet caged pets as long as they are well cared for. No uncaged pets and no outdoor pets. To keep our promise to the neighbors: No permitted pet in any of our units can be capable of making noise that could be heard outside the unit even with the windows open, except song birds which, of course, sound similar to birds outside in the trees and feeding at the neighbors' bird feeders. We maintain a list of the types of caged critters that have resided in our units so we can inform people with allergies of when the critters lived there. Over the years we have been offering rental property, residents in our various units have had fish, anuls, a canary and a hamster...This is a non-smoking building. Also, there is no smoking on the balconies or near the building where the smoke can enter through open windows. Since we own the building, we are able to offer smoke free air when you relax on the large balconies watching the deer and birds or enjoying the night sky. The building is located at the edge of Hethwood and behind it is nothing but hills and farms. It gets spectacularly dark when the motion-sensor security lights are not tripped on. The stars and the moon seem to be much closer here than in the rest of Blacksburg because they appear so bright!The bike path to VT and the rest of Blacksburg is right across the street. Radford and Christiansburg (as well as Blacksburg) are very easy to access from this location. The hospital is just down the road.Please do check Forests Edge website for a map. The small apartment building is easy to find by taking Prices Fork Road and turning onto Merrimac Road. Enjoy the expansive view over the beautiful Wall Farm, rather than dealing with traffic, stop signs and lights as your friends do when they go home. It is only one and a third miles to the three story white building. You can pull right into the large, usually mostly empty parking area. It is actually quicker to get here than to most places that seem "closer" to campus. (Try it!) Plus it is soooooo nice and peacefully quiet. It's pretty quick (15-20 min) by bicycle (bike path) to most of VT and Blacksburg.The large homes on Tall Oaks Drive are right across the street (the back of Hethwood). Blacksburg Transit bus stop is a few blocks up Tall Oaks Drive. PLEASE ASK WHETHER WE HAVE ANYTHING ELSE AVAILABLE. ALL OF OUR UNITS ARE VERY QUIET & HAVE LOTS OF PARKING!1849 B can have up to two residents due to the zoning regulations. Only a maximum of 12 people may reside on the 2.5 acres. 2 in each of the four apartments in 1849 and 4 in the house (1855 Merrimac Road) across the driveway.The laundry room with nice front-loading washer and dryer. No need for coins though and you can safely leave your detergent on the shelf. There is a reasonable monthly charge, if you would like to use the on-site laundry.Please make an appointment and come by for a tour! We look forward to meeting you soon. 1100001849 B Merrimac Road near Prices Fork RoadBlacksburgVA2406012010-06-21 18:05:432017-06-25 13:47:46apartment21.001100002018-08-01available00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none73008subscription2018-02-27 13:29:050/va/blacksburg/73008-quiet-great-eat-in-kitchen-woods-bike-path/images/39/95/399566_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399567_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399568_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399569_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399571_640x480.jpg/images/25/66/25669511_640x480.jpg/images/52/55/5255100_640x480.jpg/images/39/95/399566_640x480.jpglands6197379481120040LOVELY 2BR 2.5 BTHTwo bedroom, two and a half bath two level townhouse for rent in quiet neighborhood approx 1 mile to Downtown Blacksburg and VT campus and on BT bus route. This unit has an open floor plan living room, dining room, eat in kitchen and half bath on the main floor. Master bedroom suite with private bath and walk in closet, second bedroom, loft/office area, second bath and laundry area on the second floor. Hardwood floors, range/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer and dryer, gas heat and central air. Two car attached garage. Nice patio deck and private green space.Perfect for professionals, grad students and young families. This is a no pets, no smoking property. Tenant responsible for all utilities. $1400.00/month and $1400.00 security deposit. Available beginning August 1, 2017. Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details. Use "reply to this ad" button for contact.140000102 Silverleaf LaneBlacksburgVA2406002015-06-09 15:42:562017-08-18 11:09:14townhouse22.515701400002017-08-01available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005510747subscription2018-07-04 15:46:000/va/blacksburg/5510747-lovely-2br-2-5-bth/images/24/30/24303870_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303451_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303456_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303457_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303452_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303454_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303455_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303458_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303460_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303463_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303459_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303462_640x480.jpg/images/24/30/24303870_640x480.jpgport37035648377970QuietBrightwoodManor2BR1BA-NICE!+GreatParkingIt is extremely rare for such a unit to be available for long!Step into 900 #3 Brightwood Manor any time of day or night and it will greet you with its bright cheeriness! The attention by these owner/ managers to detail during the recent renovations and with routine maintenance is very apparent. This unit is easy to keep looking really nice. Most of our residents honor us by renewing year after year..We try hard to provide a good value for our residents' money. You can choose what utilities to pay for and economize. I just called places with much higher rents, which they justify by having many amenities and utilities "included." Check carefully! Will you use those amenities and do they have a cap on for example, on the "included" electricity usage. Some charge you extra in the winter months and do not refund you when you do not use as much in the summer, when you are away and your refrigerator and water heater are turned off or reward you for opening windows and cooling off using fans.This unit is in a small condominium complex with a neighborhood feel. Ages range from newborns to octogenarians. Serious students, professionals, and families all like this quiet building because it has a reputation of not hearing neighbors easily and of attracting residents who do not have lots of parties...All of our units have great parking for residents and guests...The BT Bus stops at the end of the driveway; yet in this unit, no window has a view of asphalt and the patio gate opens out onto a wide lawn. If the weather is dry when you are moving, getting in and out of the patio door is the way to haul stuff!We strive hard to keep our promises to our residents to provide clean, well-maintained, quiet residences. They should be pet allergen and smoke free. If you have pets, please read through to the discussion at end of this lengthy description. We love critters; yet we have a strict pet policy regarding noise and that the pets need to be confined to the indoors and inside cages or aquaria...No smoking please!..Nice ceramic tile flooring was installed in the kitchen, living room, dining area, hallway, foyer, closets, laundry area, and bathroom. (Hopefully you can see the grout lines and the actual pattern in the tile in the photos.) The bedrooms' carpeting is professionally cleaned and stain-protected...There is a great, very well-lit, galley kitchen with lots of counter space and an amazing amount of very sturdy wood cabinets. There is nothing flimsy here! Since the ceilings are 9 feet high the open soffit area above the cabinets provides even more kitchen storage. Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, exhaust fan, newish stove and garbage disposal. EZ to take out, rinse off and reuse vinyl shelf lining will make it easy for you to maintain...Bathroom has bright new ceramic tile from tub to ceiling and around the vanity. The vanity has two sinks. The full-sized porcelain bathtub with shower and toilet are separated from the sinks with a door for privacy. There is a double curved rod for extra space when showering and lots of decorating possibilities. And the wonderful floating shelf over the sinks just makes this room sparkle even more. Also, included are robe hooks at least three towel rods plus towel rings. Lots of mirrors in this unit, including full length ones in each bedroom...Nice very recent full-sized FRONT loading washer and dryer. Very efficient dryer ducting system to keep your laundry costs way down! The washer spins fast and uses little water (less to heat!) and the dryer has a powerful blower, but you will barely need the dryer as the washer will all but spin dry your clothes!..Many other brand new items were installed throughout unit. Nice built in oak corner shelving unit was custom-made for the unit...All new faucets in the bathroom, kitchen and bath/shower. New universal/ADA height, elongated toilet. Substantial grab bar in the bathtub. Door way to the sink area was just enlarged. Doors have new Schlage lever style handles and locks...Unit is a ground floor unit which requires steps to access via the front door, but access through the back is right onto the lawn. Railing on patio can keep children on patio and then, when gate open, allows level access from the lawn directly into the unit and makes it easy for children to get to the lawn to play. Easy to walk directly to nearby playground...Trash pick-up is provided, with the dumpsters, conveniently, right next to the 900 building but out of sight of this unit. Sewage and water are also included...There is CAT-5 computer cabling and TV hook-ups in both bedrooms and the living room. You have a choice of Internet providers. Verizon DSL and Comcast both are available...Central heating and AC system is only a couple of years old. Double pane, insulated windows. All the double hung windows are vinyl replacement windows that are very easy to clean since they tilt in. The paint is a very good grade of Zinnser paint that is durable and resists staining with reasonable care and of course the ceramic flooring should be very easy to maintain. The Scotch guard stain protectant on the bedroom carpeting should also help minimize cleaning difficulties. We put much thought and money into making it possible for reasonably responsible and careful residents to get their entire security deposit back...Also, 52" 5-bladed reversible (for summer cooling and winter heat circulating) ceiling fans with lights in both bedrooms and the living room. Track lighting provides many lighting options; so there are plenty of lighting options everywhere! Mirrored closet doors make the spacious living room/dining room seem to go on and on. There is great place to hang a heavy plant in front of the South facing living room window. This unit has great lighting, even all winter as the winter sun comes streaming through the patio door in the afternoon. The patio ceiling however, cuts the western sun all summer so breezes can come through the patio door decreasing the need for costly AC. ..Amazing amount of storage! Closets are everywhere! Many soar to nine feet high. Large pantry area. Large linen closet. There is adjustable shelving in the laundry area along with a bar to hang shirts fresh out of the dryer. The washer/dryer can be hidden behind doors even with the door to the washer left open to keep from getting musty...Very quiet complex. Family-oriented. Children's playground nearby. Bike trails to the super market and Virginia Tech. The VT sheep meadows are adjacent to Brightwood Manor..Kipps Elementary School and Blacksburg Middle and High Schools.Large Family doctors' office with evening and weekend emergency hours right next door...Blacksburg Transit bus stops at the end of the driveway...Plenty of parking for residents and their guests. No need for hang tags, parking stickers or assigned parking spots. There are ample...Very rural feel almost in the middle of Blacksburg...Views from unit are of expansive lawns, a children's playground and Oak Manor Townhouses. Sheep meadows and woods are next to Brightwood Manor making it fun and convenient to watch the sheep and the llama. When you relax on your patio it is very likely you will hear the sheep "Baaa". A family walk could take you to the sheep barns to watch the lambs. Woods separate Brightwood Manor from nearby office parks...This is a terrific unit for serious students as well as families, individuals and couples. Brightwood Manor is a small (only 36 units) complex that is well-known as a place where one does not have wild parties. Expect it to be very unusual to hear much noise, except a couple of weekends in August (before new, noisy residents realize that noise is not tolerated) and then at graduation in May...Unlike apartments, Condominiums are individually owned and the particular owners and their managers make the decisions about how well they will be maintained. So you will find a lot of variation from one condo to another in the same building and complex. At Brightwood Manor there are people who own the units in which they live, and there are many people who rent units. Who owns and manages each rented condo varies greatly. We own four condos at Brightwood Manor, and we take great pride in how well we maintain each one and that we know all of our residents. In many cases we have memorized their email addresses because we keep in touch to make sure that things are working correctly and to keep them abreast of things that affect them. Since our residents renew so often and we only own a total of nine rental properties, it is possible for us to offer such personal attention to the details that affect each of them...Our numerous renewing residents obviously believe our units are a good value for their rental dollars. When you reside in one of our units, you would be residing in a unit where the owner/manager pays attention to details and the concerns of the residents and tries to install features that will keep residents' utility bills lower. We really do respond promptly to requests for repairs. We periodically send out e-mails asking if anything needs attention, and then follow-up quickly, if any work is needed.When a new resident moves into 900 #3, or any of our units, the unit is immaculately clean. Most of our residents renew year after year until they no longer need a rental unit in Blacksburg because we try hard to keep the units as nice as the day people move in...We work with our residents as they move in and move out in the hopes of making no one have to pay for an empty unit or miss out on a good unit just because they have to move sooner than the date listed in an advertisement. Since real life rarely matches up with the dates on a lease, most of our residents prefer to move at different times. We post our residents' units as available shortly after residents think they will have them empty and cleaned...Please give us a call or use " reply to this ad" button for e-mail contact to arrange a tour by clicking into the listing for contact information. Thanks!..No Smoking & no uncaged pets: As with all our units, this unit is maintained pet and smoke allergen free since renovation. This also helps us to keep our units looking as if they were recently renovated. There should be no residual pet odors to surprise you when you close the windows in the winter and turn on the heat. We do allow most quiet caged pets as long as they are well cared for. No uncaged pets and no outdoor pets. To keep our promise to the neighbors: No permitted pet in any of our units can be capable of making noise that could be heard outside the unit even with the windows open, except song birds which, of course, sound similar to birds outside in the trees and feeding at the neighbors' bird feeders. We maintain a list of the types of caged critters that have resided in our units so we can inform people with allergies of when the critters lived there. Over the years we have been offering rental property, residents in our various units have had fish, anuls, a canary and a hamster...Good luck finding a home that is perfect for you! Hopefully one of ours will be it.0110000900 #3 Brightwood Manor DriveBlacksburgVA2406012011-08-17 21:32:402017-06-25 13:40:39condominium21.09751100002018-08-01available000137.2231000000000000-80.4450000000000000street393263subscription2018-02-27 13:29:050/va/blacksburg/393263-quietbrightwoodmanor2br1ba-nice-greatparking/images/19/67/19674615_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674617_640x480.jpg/images/28/95/2895839_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674612_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674614_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674621_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674616_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674622_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674618_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674619_640x480.jpg/images/28/95/2895848_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674620_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674615_640x480.jpgport1973848377970Quiet&CleanHUGE-3br2ba Convenient Rural ViewsWe offer quiet, trees, lawns, and views and quiet. “Why live in a sea of asphalt, buildings and people when you could live at Brightwood Manor?” One of Blacksburg's best kept secrets: A sprawling 1260 sq foot PLUS A LARGE COVERED PATIO PLUS A LARGE INDOOR COMMON AREA JUST OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR. This immaculately clean condo has acres and acres of sheep meadow as a backyard yet it is closer to VT's campus than 1,000's of other rental units AND this residence is very quiet with lots of parking.VERY CLEAN, RECENT RENOVATION, SPACIOUS, SMOKE-FREE, PET-ALLERGEN FREE, Brand New window treatments on All windows.3 bedroom condominium with 2 FULL bathrooms (one has a privacy door between the bath/shower/toilet and its two sinks). Bedrooms are well-spaced for privacy with two BR and one Bath at one side and the Master BR and one Bath at the other. It is like a sprawling ranch house without the yard work!Recently installed a new electric panel in a new location making it possible to fully utilize the walk-in pantry area! This closet is in addition to all the storage in the cabinets, on the long countertops, and over the cabinets (up to the nine foot ceiling)! These cabinets are so sturdy they can hold all your shower and wedding gifts. Since this is a 3 Bedroom unit, often there are 3 separate Moms sending pots, pans, dishes, etc to outfit a kitchen. These cabinets can hold it all and still have more room. Also, there is a curved shower curtain rod that rotates to save space in the room when you are not in the shower as well as gives you lots of space when you are showering. We look for things that make our places unique, and you get the benefit. This is so new, it was a recent Kickstarter Project!VERY CONVENIENT to everything!● Lots of parking so NO need for hangtags or parking stickers.● Walking and Bike Paths to all points in Blacksburg area.● Tunnel UNDER 460 ByPass● Covered BLACKSBURG TRANSIT BUS STOP at the end of our driveway on Prices Fork Road● From Downtown Blacksburg take Prices Fork Road; driveway is the 2nd left after cross 460 Bypass.● EZ to Everywhere! 460 Bypass 2 blocks away to go East or West or to Roanoke or South to Radford. Also, can drive Prices Fork Road to Radford.AVAILABILITY: The majority of our residents renew year after year and move only when they no longer need a rental residence in the Blacksburg area. This unit is available for immediate move-in.WELL-MAINTAINED & VERY EASY TO KEEP CLEAN: Ceramic floors everywhere, except bedrooms, which are carpeted. Kitchen now has same flooring as shown in Living Room images. We urge residents to tell us when something needs attention because we want to maintain things so they do not break. Paint on walls is very durable and scrubbable. We regularly ask residents to alert us to anything loose, dripping, or just does not seem quite right; so things can be fixed before they break.MAINTENANCE: We try very hard to answer, promptly, residents' calls for assistance - day, night, weekends and even on holidays. SPACIOUS: 1260+ square feet of well-planned space. NO space wasted on stairwells. In all our units, All hallways serve dual purpose of being access to the large rooms and for access to the numerous closets and cabinets. Over NINE foot high ceilings; so you can use the space on top of regular height bookcases for more items. Plenty of space for over-sized items above very durable kitchen cabinets.(I know I mentioned this, but one rarely has too much storage in a kitchen.) Large pantry area. Washer and dryer are in lit closets with still more shelving.PLUS: Dry, covered Patio walks out onto lawn effectively enlarging your living space. Safe to barbecue under roof!PLUS: Common area Foyer for the building provides even more indoor space.BRIGHT: Lots of natural lighting during the day during the winter and tree shading patio during summer. Many built-in light fixtures for lots of light, even in closets.ENERGY-SAVING FEATURES: Has Heat Pump but rarely do tenants ever turn on AC. Naturally cool in summer. Ground floor unit; so the Earth keeps it warm in winter. 52 inch reversible ceiling fans with lights in all rooms which cool in summer and bring warm air down from 9 foot ceilings in winter. All windows and Patio door are double pane. Patio door swings and has a deadbolt; so it seals much better than a typical sliding patio door. Owner has lived in the unit so can share additional tips for conserving.VERY QUIET Location. Occasionally the sheep in the meadow outside your windows might wake you, perhaps once a year. Otherwise, most people move to Brightwood Manor to live quietly. When apartment/condo/townhouse/house hunting please come by any night and likely you will hear very little except some "neighborhood" type sounds, not loud parties. Please do come by on Thursday through Sunday evenings and you would find it hard to find a loud party. If you hear much noise, please do let us know! Brightwood Manor is known for its tranquility, and we want to keep it that way so people like you can have a quiet place to call home.There are nice, relaxing VIEWS out windows and off patio.UTILITIES: Water/sewer/trash pick-up included. CAT-5 computer, TV and telephone cabling to virtually all rooms. Comcast and Verizon DSL are available.MORE INFO: Two full baths; one has two sinks with a door providing privacy for tub and toilet. Refrigerator (Energy Star-used only a few months), range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave (so new -still in the box!), full-sized washer & dryer (with energy-saving booster fan). Great closets and many of them sore to the high ceilings.Deposit is one month's regular rent. Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details.SCHOOLS AND PLAYGROUND NEARBY:Kipps ElementaryBlacksburg Middle SchoolBlacksburg High SchoolMuch lawn around the buildingsMINIMAL ALLERGENS: Since renovations we have not allowed smoking nor any uncaged pets. Unlike many units at Brightwood Manor, your clothes dryer will vent to the outside of the building through a well-designed ventilation system, complete with booster fan. Also, there are exhaust fans in both bathrooms and over the kitchen stove. SMOKING POLICY: No smoking in our units or on the patios or balconies.PET POLICY: No uncaged pets and nothing that is even capable of making noise heard outside the unit even with the windows open. No outdoor pets.When you live near our units, you will not hear barking or parrots shrieking coming from our units. When you rent our units, there will be no screens bowed out from cats leaning on them. There will also not be residual pet odors wafting around. We personally love critters, but, if they are capable of damaging our units in any way or disturbing the neighbors, we do not permit them in our units. Our units are designed to tolerate --very well --- residency by responsible humans; thus, humans very rarely damage them. We want you to be able to get your full security deposit back when you move out; so we have provided, durable, quality features to our units and they are easy to scrub clean.Thank you very much for considering renting one of our 9 units. Since we are not a big company just, literally, a "Mom and Pop," for the last 20 years we have tried very hard to personalize our service to all our residents. Apparently, we must do OK because our residents tend to renew year after year until they move out of town, buy a home, or need a type of place we can not offer. For example, 902 #2 was passed amongst upper class-men and graduate students for nine years, and, when one of them came back into town to work years later, she was disappointed to learn it was already leased. We look forward to the opportunity to show you this great place to live!0134000902 #2 Brightwood Manor DriveBlacksburgVA2406012010-06-21 18:05:582017-07-30 12:33:05apartment32.012601340002018-08-01available000137.2251410000000000-80.4455950000000000street160831subscription2018-02-27 13:29:050/va/blacksburg/160831-quiet-cleanhuge-3br2ba-convenient-rural-views/images/12/78/1278829_640x480.jpg/images/12/63/1263528_640x480.jpg/images/12/63/1263529_640x480.jpg/images/12/63/1263540_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278831_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278834_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278856_640x480.jpg/images/12/79/1279114_640x480.jpg/images/12/79/1279116_640x480.jpg/images/15/17/1517919_640x480.jpg/images/25/58/25589576_640x480.jpg/images/25/58/25589577_640x480.jpg/images/12/78/1278829_640x480.jpglands

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